Just Jump: An awe-inspiring story of the Millennial Risk taker

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Imagine back to when you were younger. Can you remember a person from your past who was considered the jokester or clown of the class? The person who did the wildest and craziest things that most people found silly yet highly entertaining. The person who always made others laugh and smile because of their insane sense of humor, wit, or style?

I imagine, after reading the questions above the name of a person popped into your mind and you began remembering and reminiscing on some of their funniest moments and wildest times. With that person in mind, let's take it a step further. Now I want you to think back and recall some qualities of this person who you might've admired or liked? Was it their wild and unusual humor, their crazy risk-taking behavior or even their rebellious nature? What about their character was the most memorable and unforgettable?

Did you ever wonder what might've compelled this kid to behave in such a way? Although their behavior may have been silly, did you ever consider that this might've been their way of training to become an influential leader? In all honesty, the answer is probably a sharp or hard "no" because most class clowns turn out to be nothing big or special beyond high school.

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing a person who would have perfectly fit under the bill or category of being a class clown. But instead of giving in to the stereotype above, this young man used his risky behavior and turned it into a story of great inspiration.

It is my delight and sheer privilege to introduce you all to such an influential, ambitious, and driven millennial leader.

To the public, he may be known as Theo Junior, but in this community, he's known as the Millennial Risk taker. He has been deemed worthy of such a name because of his ambitious nature and inspiring mental determination. He is a man who goes against the standards, beats the odds, and walks in his own way of life.

During our interview, I had the chance to sit down and learn more about his background and life story. We began with a series of questions regarding his passion, experiences and life story. Within seconds of the conversation, I quickly discovered his passion for event coordination and planning. For him, events have always been more than just a social gathering; instead, they were a way to create memories and enhance experiences. Each one has an individual uniqueness and purpose; whether it be a party, gathering, forum, workshop, etc. The events have a significant and lasting effect on those in attendance.

Throughout the conversation, I asked a question regarding his "story," and his initial response was that he didn't believe he had one. I didn't think this for one second. I knew there was a profound and moving story hidden behind his eyes; one that maybe even he had yet to realize. To unravel this young man's remarkable story, I started asking more generalized questions.

Were you involved in sports? If so, what about sports did you love or enjoy?

Yes. I've always wanted to play sports. Every time I closed my eyes, I always wanted to hear people cheering my name. People rarely cheered my name; instead, their preferred method was yelling because somehow, I was continually getting into trouble.

Hmm. So why were you always in trouble?

I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the stuff I got in trouble because I felt like it was fun. Busting windows was fun, throwing rocks was fun; talking junk in class, throwing crayons was fun; being disturbing in class was fun. It was all fun.

What made you consider all of this to be fun?

I never thought about it. Instead, I did whatever I wanted to do. It wasn't about me being rebellious. I didn't grow up thinking or saying, "Ima be rebellious." It was more like my mind was set on whatever I wanted to do, and I did it. It was the sensational feeling that was attached to it.

Why did you start, "Just Jump?"

I started "Just Jump" from a video I watched in 2016. I was watching a Steve Harvey show, and in this episode, the theme was about influencing people to make a jump towards their passion. He said something along the lines of "Sometimes you gotta jump." And it took me forever to think of the "Just" to go in front of the Jump. It took me almost four months to put those together. For the longest, it was "Jump entertainment, Party Jump, College Jump, and many others until one day; my homeboy had said, "Just Jump." And after that moment, I locked in on it, and it became my brand. So I started "Just Jump" to influence people to go after their passion and go after what they want to do.

Do you feel you are going after your passion? If so, how?

Yes, every day! Every decision I make is based on me jumping and walking towards my passion. For instance, if I say I want to lose weight, but I don't feel like working out today, instead of making an excuse I say "Alright, F*** it, let's just do it." I feel like every day, everybody does it, but I do it in every small way. I "Just Jump" in every little way possible, including every decision I make. But I feel like everybody does it. When a person reaches a point where they say "F*** it and do it. That's a "Just Jump" Moment.

Many people may have looked down on the class clown, but I believe there is a lot we can learn and take from his story. As a kid, he went off of impulse and sprang into action to feel a specific sensation and satisfaction. And because of those childhood experiences, he grew up to be an advocate of "Just Jumping." And he now uses his brand to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to Jump in their passions by Jumping, without doubt, fear or question.

I truly loved the part where he said: "It was more like my mind was set on whatever I wanted to do, and I did it." Once something is made up in his mind, you better believe he will do whatever he can to make it happen. And I think this mindset is one we can all learn to use in our daily lives to increase our entrepreneur drives.

The most admirable thing I took away from this interview was how all of his experiences show and prove his passion for creating memories and enhancing experiences. Even now, as an adult, he continues to live out this passion by influencing others to "Just Jump" into their passions.

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