The Millennial Game Changer

Dear Millennial Leaders,

Coming to the stage we have none other than your favorite Athlete. Many of you may know him by the name Airiss Hargrow but in this community, we call him the Millennial Game Changer. When I think of the Millennial Game Changer, I am reminded of a famous quote by Derek Jeter, "There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do." I'm pretty sure the phrase "hard worker" was created with Airiss in mind because he is one of the hardest working men in the game and will stop at nothing to succeed.

Airiss has been voted the "Millennial Game Changer" because of his non- profit organization "Sports Saved My Life." Airiss has been involved in sports his entire life and knows from personal experience the major impact sports can have on a person's life. Because of his positive experiences in sports, he has decided to go on a personal mission dedicated to giving back to the youth what has been given to him through "Sports Saved My Life."

The purpose of this organization is to allow athletes and nonathletes to learn how powerful sports has been to our society. Also giving former and current athletes a voice by allowing sports veterans to mentor young inspiring athletes and help them reach their maximum potential.

Airiss's Mission is to show the impact that sports have on athletes lives. He wants to show people that sports are more than wins and losses. Sports has had an impact on our families, our communities, and our youths' lives.

Airiss's is an ambitious millennial leader, who is on a mission to empower other millennials to follow their dreams and become their best self.

For more information on Airiss and Sports Saved my Life View the link below.

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