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Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Dear Millennials,

This week's feature is one of a kind and we are delighted to introduce you all to such an inspirational and motivational young woman. This young lady may be commonly known to the world by the name of Tiffany Renee but in this community, she is known as "The Millennial Influencer." The Millennial Influencer is a Senior Computer Information Systems major at The University of Michigan-Flint and has a strong passion for health and wellness which is how "Tiffany Renee Health and Wellness" was started and brought to life.

As a child, The Millennial Influencer was faced with a lot of digestive issues and was in and out of the doctors office for years. As long as she can remember she has always had a sensitive stomach and wasn't able to have many things without feeling sick. Once she became older, she decided to take matters into her own hands by searching for foods that tasted good, were healthy and most importantly didn't make her sick.

The big turning point was when she went to her aunt's house in middle school and was introduced to juicing and a variety of healthy foods and healthy eating. Around this time, she was just starting to go around her father's side of the family and this gave her the opportunity to bond and connect with her auntie through their love for healthy treats. This wonderful auntie of her's showed her the ropes in the "Healthy Eating World" and as a result, they built a solid connection and relationship.

From that day on, she has been obsessed with everything health related. In high school, she changed all of her foods to organic. Her family may not have had much money but her mom provdied her with a little budget to buy all of her organic foods. The Millennial Influencer was blessed to have a good family who supported her major change in her dietary needs & new found lifestyle.

Fast forward to Freshman year of college in 2015, she completely gave up meat and haven't turned back since! Every time she has tried to eat meat since then it has made her terribly sick and she has vowed never to look back!

This young lady has been through many experiences in life from being raised by a single mother to figuring out her way in this world as a young adult and she is a firm believer that our health is more than just what we're eating but it also includes what we feed our minds and how we take care of our external bodies.

Our health is made up of the mind, body, and spirit and she believes to truly be "healthy" all three areas need to be aligned and it is her mission is to bring that to people. She wants people to be conscious, healthy and joyful beings that are intuned with themselves.

Currently, she is posting all things health and wellness related on youtube and Instagram but her ultimate goal is to open up a high-tech holistic health space starting with Flint, MI. She is excited to about her vision to bring tech and health together in a cool and beneficial way to so many people. As for now, she is focused on setting and laying the foundation for this master plan.

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