The Millennial King of Edible Creations: A Simple Request that Led to His Success

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Can you do me a favor? I'm sure many of us have heard or have been asked this question plenty of times before. I imagine most of us either immediately shriek or have a mini panic attack at the sound of it. Why? Usually, because of our uncertainty of what the question may entail and or if we'll be able to provide any help.

You may wonder or asking yourself, what does this question have to do with today's feature? Well, the answer is simple, "Can you do me a favor?" is how this Leader's story first began.

In March 2018, I remembered sitting at home lying in bed scrolling down my timeline as most of us millennial's typically do. During my scrolling adventure, I came across an interesting photo that instantly caught my eye and piqued my interest. Without thinking, I'd double-clicked the "love" button and began exploring the page for similar images. What others may call profile "stalking" I call profile admiration or maybe that's just my way of justifying the hour I spent gazing through their gallery of pictures. I enjoyed each image because it captured a collection of fruits carved, shaped, or formed into a creative masterpiece.

Shortly after, I met this Millennial Leader, and after one conversation with this young man, he earned my respect, support, and unyielding admiration. After our initial encounter, I continued to watch this person grow and thrive in the world of entrepreneurship.

Because of this, I believe it is a privilege to introduce the world to such a gifted young man. To the world, he may be known by the name of Ernest Lamar, but in this community, he is known as "The Millennial King of Edible Creations." This name was chosen based on his innovative thinking, which led to his edible creations. It is fascinating how he took a simple concept such as a fruit platter and twisted and turned it into a fantastic work of art. I'd say, he's Vincent Van Gogh of edible arrangements.

The Millennial King of Edible Creations launched his business "The Creator of Custom Fruit Craving & Arrangements" because of a simple request. His sister was hosting a baby shower and asked if he could provide a fruit platter. She followed up by asking, how much he'd charge for this service, and that's where the idea was birthed.

After discovering a demand for this service, he began learning as much as possible about this market. Using his unique talent, he began to create and customize fruits in a way that had never been done before.

His journey began with watching a lot of YouTube videos to gain ideas and practicing his craft daily. During the second week of being in business, a club in Detroit requested a fruit platter for Tammy Rivera, the wife of well-known Rap artist Waka Flocka. The following week, he was asked to come back to provide a platter for Lance Gross an actor and producer known for his famous role on "Tyler Perry's House of Payne" Comedy Sitcom. Again, he was called back yet another week for the celebrity Tiny Harris. Shortly after, the club went out of business which propelled Ernest to work even harder and take the matter into his own hands by creating opportunities for himself.

In the beginning, Ernest wasn't concerned with pricing or fees, his focus was on perfecting his craft and strengthening his abilities. He often went to clubs and events and would wait for hours to meet with celebrities to present them with a customized platter of themselves. By taking this route, he could be on stage at concerts with artists such as Boosie, Rick Ross, YNF Lucci, Tee Grizzly & Sada Baby.

Ernest gained publicity and exposure by creating fruit sculpture of some of his favorite celebrities like Martin Lawrence, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg who in return shared and posted about his work. One of his most significant accomplishments was doing a carving for Floyd Mayweather for his Ball in Detroit.

As you can see, The Millennial King of Edible Creations is a millennial Leader because of his driven mentality, innovative strategies, and remarkable edible creations. I hope to see this young man's name one day written in the hall of fame because of his ability to seize the day and pave his own way.

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