The Millennial Rookie: An artist who ceases to amaze as he makes his way to fame!

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

The Millennial Rookie: An artist who ceases to amaze and makes his way to fame!

When you think of the phrase “Creative Artist,” what comes to mind? Some may think of a person who creates art in the form of drawing or visual works, and others may envision a person musically gifts who bring pleasure to the soul, heart, and mind. Although these are both fitting with such a title, I feel there’s more to than this. A creative artist is also a person who views the world from a different scope and lens in comparison to others. This person has outside of the box mindset and has the ability and power to create, develop, or produce things beyond ordinary and common standards.

Now you may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with today’s feature? It’s simple, the person I am introducing you all to today is the pure definition and perfect reflection of what it means to be a creative artist.

Today I am proud to announce today’s millennial feature. Upon discovering this artist, I have ceased to be amazed. It’s actually quite astonishing and amazingly shocking how talented this young millennial is. To the world, he may be known by the name Tez, but in this community, he is known as the Millennial Rookie. Tez entered into the major leagues of music as a rookie. He stepped onto the field as a newcomer of the team, but when the game began, he was all anyone could want to see. Tez brought a fresh, new, and innovative approach to the game and used his talent to bring fame and awareness to his rising star name.

When I had a chance to learn more about this Millennial, I soon discovered his passion for being a creative artist. He is the Alvin Einstein of this major leagues of music. His music is created with two simple principles in mind Reliability and Therapeutic Creativity. Music began as personal therapy for this young man, and in return, he wanted to provide the world with music that was not only relatable but also therapeutic to the soul and healthy for the mind and overall well-being.

This millennial understands that every person face and battle their own personal issues, and he wants to provide people with music that soothes the hearts, calms the minds and offers peace to those who feel like they're alone.

He is a different type of artist, and his message is all about the empowerment of others and helping people grow and shine by becoming their best selves. I’ve also noticed that he leads by example because he is always and continually finding other ways to expand and explore his many talents and pushing others to do the same.

The Millennial Rookie lives by the motto “Life is Short, so you gotta make the best of it” and his music speaks to this because he pushes and urges not only himself but also others to live their lives, work hard, grind and shine.

When asked, "what about your story do you want people to remember about you?" His response was simple, “Nothing comes to a sleeper. For results, you have to do the work even when no one has faith in you and keep striving for better.” I believe we can all take from this and apply to our own personal lives. The Millennial Rookie may be new to the game, but I am 100% sure he’s on his way to fame.

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